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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Potting Shed and how it came to be...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creating Garden Rooms with Pergolas, Arbors and and Trellis

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There is something evocative about walking through a rose covered arbor or dreamily strolling through the length of a blossom covered pergola... the air fresh with the scents of sweet mingling with musk... the gentle chirps of tiny birds safely nestled within the confines of the leaf covered shelter.  My arbors and pergola are grand statements, and when friends and strangers alike come into my yard, they are what say, "Welcome to my garden's, won't you stay an visit awhile..." 

There are a multitude of structures to choose from in every shape and size to fit in with any garden style you choose.  What is the difference between the three and how do you incorporate them correctly to create the illusion of having many separate garden rooms? All three have one thing in common: they are structures incorporated into gardens to provide a growing place for vining plants. Here are some tips and idea's to get you started.....


Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Front Porch Garden and Yummy Tuscan Soup

When you drive into my lane my garden's begin to envelope you....although it wasn't so when we moved here. As I've mentioned in previous posts, there weren't any gardens when we purchased our old farmhouse.  We gardeners often have lofty aspirations... we dreamily peruse our favorite gardening magazines, take notes on things we want to incorporate and longingly wait till we can create that new bed, stumble upon a new rose bush and make the season's first bouquet of sweetly scented jonquils.  Spring is only a few days away and although there is snow covering the ground on my farm, I know my tulips and daffodils will soon be peaking up and sending me warm greetings of love....

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